Here comes the CPSR!

Here comes the CPSR! 3
Building on the gains of the highly informative e-conference on power sector reforms, hosted by Spaces for Change (S4C) on August 18, 2012, a Coalition on Power Sector Reforms (CPSR) has emerged. The Coalition’s main goal is to promote awareness of the power sector reform processes and activities, and facilitate citizen engagement, cooperation and support for those initiatives. It is comprised of an independent group of experts, corporate bodies and civil society organizations, monitoring the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and consumer service issues in the power sector, in line with the reform agenda of Nigerian government.
The CPSR operates within the scope of the Power Sector Reform Roadmap, the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act and all other governing regulations. Further information about CPSR can be found here:   In particular, the coalition works to promote an understanding of the various ways in which implementing agencies and critical stakeholders can work together to deliver on the objectives of the power sector reforms, without undermining the realization of human rights of citizens to access stable electricity.
As part of its independent monitoring role, CPSR has launched one-stop online portal for educating citizens and providing up-to-date, regular information about the policy, technical and legislative undertakings in the power sector. In keeping with CPSR’s objective to serve as a feedback channel from consumers to the relevant implementing agencies of the power sector reforms, it documents citizen concerns and complaints related to metering, billing, consumption or access to electricity services. Documented complaints are routinely forwarded to the relevant implementing agency (ies) for necessary action. 
CPSR will collaborate with key agencies involved in the implementation of the power sector reforms, development partners, non-governmental organizations and citizens to achieve the above stated objectives. Membership is free, and open to all individuals, registered groups, civil society representatives, independent experts, social and economic advocates with demonstrable background and interest in the activities of the power sector.
SPACES FOR CHANGE (S4C) serves as the secretariat of the CPSR, and provides the Coalition with the necessary logistical, secretarial and administrative assistance.
Follow, join and visit the CPSR today!

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