President Jonathan, a visit aint enough!

President Jonathan, a visit aint enough! 5By Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

President Jonathan, a visit aint enough! 6It is no longer news that President Goodluck Jonathan paid a surprise visit to the dilapidated Police College in Lagos yesterday. The visit came on the heels of a shocking revelation by Channels TV exposing the rotten infrastructure at the college, and the alarmingly deteriorating conditions in which police trainees live in. 
Many online users on the social media have hailed this surprise visit. My good friend, Chetaala Ilo, went as far as describing it as a “ classic administrative masterstroke in real meaningful governance and shows a genuinely concerned leaderhip at work!”…Really?
Before you clap, please recall that the GEJ-led Nigerian Government budgeted I TRILLION NAIRA in 2012 for national security. With all that money frittered away, the Nigerian Police College remains in a totally rotten state. Officers still pick bombs with their bare hands in violence-ridden Maiduguri, Borno State.  Many police stations across the country have no patrol vehicles. Those who have could hardly maintain them.

I am not impressed by a hasty visit to a rotten police college. Let me see fire and sack letters next week… let me see queries and criminal charges against those who misappropriated billions budgeted for the police. Let me see resignations. ..then I will believe this aint one of those photo shoots. 

Over to you, Goodluck Jonathan!

Picture credits: Sahara Reporters

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