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We are a non-profit organization working to infuse human rights into social and economic governance processes in Nigeria.
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How We Work

Through digital crowd-sourcing, research, policy analysis, advocacy, youth engagement, public interest litigation and community action, we increase the participation of youth, women and communities in the development of social and economic policy, and also help authorities and corporate entities to put a human rights approach at the heart of their decision-making.

Program Areas

Women and Youth Inclusion

Through empowerment, change of attitudes and perceptions, we bolster youth and women participation in decision-making processes and take urgent action to challenge discriminatory practices and injustices in public and private life affecting them.

Energy and Environmental Justice

By systematically monitoring and evaluating the gaps between policy and practice in the energy sector, we build new evidence for deepening multi-stakeholder understanding and participation in the formulation and implementation of energy reform policies and programs in Nigeria.

Housing and Urban Governance

Programs & activities that improve the security of tenure, redress housing rights violations, prevent forced evictions and increase public participation in urban planning processes.

Defending the Civic Space

S4C’s research advocacy and social campaigns to reclaim the civic space have one central message: governmental measures to counter terrorism and illicit financial flows should not shrink the civic space and/or disrupt the work of legitimate non-profit entities.

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