… As We Begin 2022


... As We Begin 2022 3

Spaces for Change’s | S4C’s staff and management began the new year with an institution-wide introspection into the past year: the programs, operations, administration,  human resources and the entire work environment.  Recognizing that the efficiency and productivity of every organization hinges on the quality of employee interactions and relationships, a workplace relationship expert, Charles Okeibunor, walked us through an insightful journey into workplace positivity and productivity. Using the IRMP model,  staff and management reflected together on varying situations and conditions in the work environment that could lead to burn-out, lack of job satisfaction, anger,  internal wrangling, reduced productivity, lowered profitability, and more. IRMP stands for Identification, Resolution, Management and Prevention.

The IRMP model espouses the art and science of transforming relationships within organizations. Staff and management took part in team-building exercises and practical scenarios that shed further light on the values of Identification, Resolution, Management and Prevention of workplace conflicts. Lessons from these exercises provided guidance on practical approaches for forstering a conducive work environment where morale is kept high.

The session also elucidated on collaborative problem-solving techniques for improving relationship management in the workplace. The four attributes of a problem solver include:
1. A sense of purpose: why are you are in an organization? You need to wake up with a purpose to solve a problem.
2. A sense of ownership: If the ball was in your court, how you will play it?
3. A sense of belonging: You must fit in.
4. Team spirit: Working harmoniously with others to actualize the organization’s mission and vision.

The session came to a close with tips for entrenching a culture of workplace excellence, and the importance of aspiring to a level of unconscious competence. That is when the workforce  can demonstrate competence in their day-to-day tasks with ease and mininal preparation. The state of unconscious competence is the highest level of professionalism and expertise that every team must aspire to attain. That cannot be achieved without maintaining the right attitude to work. By reflecting together on the past year, reviewing gaps and consolidating on the wins, S4C looks forward to a new year where the workplace is brimming with positivity, excellence and progress.


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