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 Fresh in Nigerian minds are the mass protests opposing government attempts to abolish the subsidy on local fuel in January 2012. The protests propelled high-powered probes which exposed the unprecedented financial mismanagement and horrendous malfeasance entrenched in the administration of fuel subsidies.
Last week, the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC) arraigned more independent oil marketers allegedly involved in the pilfering of fuel subsidy funds. From the merry looks on the faces of the suspects above, we leave you to decide whether they really look like men on trial.

Let us know what you think!
Picture source: Austin Essien 

2 thoughts on “RED CARPET TRIAL”

  1. These people look like the average nigerian big man/politician who have infected our beloved country with their own brand of perverse corruption never seen anywhere in the world. I wish they were Chinese folk and i wonder if they would have been been as unperturbed about their situation as the picture shows.

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