Spaces for Change Director Emerges SXSW Winner

Spaces for Change Director Emerges SXSW Winner 3
The SXSW Interactive scholarship program recognizes individuals from all sectors and from anywhere in the world who are using new media to push the boundaries of tackling community problems. Non profit leaders, grassroots organizers, individual citizens, and civic-minded entrepreneurs are all eligible.  
Announcing the award, SXSW says “we focus on people whose work (whether it’s a job, a hobby or volunteer) helps people through technology. For this scholarship, we sought undiscovered creative talents who can use the springboard of SXSW Interactive to make connections in the tech sector. The following listing of community heroes will be recognized for their good work at SXSW in March in Austin:
Victoria Ohaeri is a human rights lawyer, development researcher, freelance writer and community engagement specialist with extensive practical experience in law, development and human rights. She is the executive director of Spaces for Change, an non-governmental organization that leverages technology, crowd sourcing concepts and web-based communication tools to conduct researches, promote public awareness, and facilitate citizen engagement in the policy, legislative and institutional processes of the oil, natural resource, security, housing and power sectors in Nigeria. Ms. Ohaeri serves on various committees and working groups of national, regional and international bodies and associations.”
Click HERE to read Victoria’s musings at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, USA.

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