2019 Annual Report of Spaces for Change

2019 Annual Report of Spaces for Change 3

Spaces for Change | S4C started the 2019 operational year with a strategic planning session where Board and staff members came together to reflect, review and sharpen the organizational vision, mission and core programs for improved effectiveness.   The strategic planning session afforded a space for collective introspection and reinvigoration of our founding dream. With the deepest joy and excitement, we are very proud of the many tasks accomplished during the year, particularly the research studies, policy advocacy, community engagements, stakeholder alliances, public interest litigation and social campaigns carried out within and across borders. Our greatest achievement is the growing number of passive citizens, especially the youth, women and marginalized populations, who have suddenly found their voice, and now recognize that they are active participants in decision-making. These achievements represent both a glimpse of that founding dream, and a peep into the future of the organization.


We couldn’t have come this far without the unalloyed support and cooperation of our Board of Trustees, our dedicated staff, volunteers, interns, mentors, fans and the members of several communities in which we work in, across the country. However, we can never consider what we have achieved to be sufficient, because we must, and are determined to accomplish even more greater tasks that lie ahead.




Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

Executive Director



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