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SPACES FOR CHANGE convenes E-Conference, “The PIB & YOU”!

YOU are all invited to this webinar aimed at promoting awareness and citizen engagement on the critical provisions of the revised Petroleum Industry Bill. Participants will debate, analyze and assess the Bill’s coherence with human rights and environmental justice, and also make inputs that would help strengthen the accountability and transparency objectives urgently needed in the regulation of the oil industry. Among other things, the webinar participants will compare and contrast the current draft with the previous one to identify the improvements, additions or similarities that may exist between them. 

Lead discussants include:
Ledum Mitee (ex-MOSOP leader),
Jeremy Weate ( Extractive Industries Expert)
Nninmo Bassey (Friends of the Earth International), 
Peter Esele (Labour leader)
Samuel Diminas (Chevron) 
Opeyemi Agbaje (Business Day editor)

You are only required to connect online with other 1,500 participants from your base (home, office, anywhere).


Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time: 4-6 p.m.

 Please send in your questions, commentaries and analytical papers in advance. Let’s take citizen engagement to another level!

…………………….SPACES FOR CHANGE…………………

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