LASTMA and the new Lagos Traffic Law

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We are all familiar with the recent false murder allegations leveled against Stanbic IBTC Bank Employee, Yinka Johnson on Friday, August 10 2012. In a lie of the century deserving of recognition by the Guinness Book of Records, officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) alleged that Yinka crushed one of their men, 33 year old Hammed Balogun to death, along the Lekki-Ajah Expressway. Thanks to eye witnesses who quickly came to her rescue, by debunking the false claims and presenting fresh facts, including photo evidence which forced the police authorities to drop the murderous charges. 
 Now, we present to you photos and stories sourced from different sites, and taken from different parts of the Lagos metropolis. We leave it to your conscience to decide whether these officials indeed, have the capacity to enforce the new Lagos State Traffic Law, in accordance with human dignity and safety standards. Over to you!

This is how LASTMA officials “arrest” traffic law offenders.
A LASTMA official sprained his ankle while chasing after a car that allegedly committed a traffic offence.
LASTMA official pushes conductor off a moving bus, to his death.
LASTMA official killed at Okeafa, Ejigbo area of Lagos. According to eyewitnesses, “One of (LASTMA officials) them stood in front of the vehicle while another one attempted to enter the passenger side. However, the driver sped off. The LASTMA official standing in front of the car managed to escape but the one attempting to enter the passenger’s side was crushed.
A LASTMA official on “duty”


LASTMA accused of extortion by bus drivers

– LASTMA needs cleansing

– LASTMA officials jailed

– LASTMA to regulate traffic, not to impose fines

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