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The Nigerian parliament, specifically the House of Representatives’ Adhoc Committee on the Petroleum Industry Bills convened a public hearing on the underlisted draft oil reform statutes on May 15 – 17, 2018, namely:

1. Petroleum Host & Impacted Communities Development Bill (PHCDB)

2 Petroleum Industry Fiscal Bill 2018 and

3. Petroleum Industry Administration Bill 2018.


SPACES FOR CHANGE submitted a memorandum on the Petroleum Host & Impacted Communities Development Bill 2018 to the federal parliament.  Building on the organization’s past submissions to the National Assembly and a host of federal policymaking institutions, this memorandum outlines FIVE (5) key issues in the Petroleum Host and Impacted Communities Development Bill (PHICDB) that are strongly recommended for parliamentary review by the distinguished federal lawmakers of the Nigerian House of Representatives. They are as follows:

1. Settlors’ obligation to establish trusts in communities where they operate
2. Governance systems: inclusion and community participation
3. The funding of the host community trusts
4. Environmental protection in the petroleum host communities
5. Institutional harmony and coordination


DOWNLOAD S4C’s Memorandum on the Bill :  Download Report