National Conference and Us!

National Conference and Us! 3

On behalf of Spaces for Change, we specially invite YOU to the above-named web-conference aimed at deepening consultations and engagement with national conference delegates. About 6,635 online participants will directly participate in the web-conference with 5 out of the 492 national conference delegates drawn from diverse backgrounds cutting across natural resource management, law, labour, environmental justice, community activism and human rights.

Lead discussants include:

Ledum Mitee (ex-MOSOP leader),
Peter Esele (Labour Leader)
Comrade Garba Ibrahim (Community leader) 
Jaye Gaskia (Civil Society)
Ezenwa Samson-Nwagwu (Civil Society)

You would recall that delegates to the national conference have embarked on consultations with various stakeholders in order to take positions on a variety of issues to be discussed at the conference. The conference will present an unprecedented, no-holds-barred opportunity for large numbers of the youth population to discuss and channel issues that are of concern to them directly to the delegates. Robust debates and analytical discussions will mainly cover issues related to natural resource management, education, elections, security, citizenship, power rotation, healthcare, sovereign wealth fund (saving for the future) and youth development.
Using media advocacy techniques to advance public participation in governance is based upon an understanding that the 21st-century communications technology has the potential to expand the frontiers of citizen engagement, allowing everybody to have an opportunity to be heard, and to influence peers and people in positions of power and to improve their own lives.
You are only required to connect online on any preferred digital device and join other 6,635 other participants from your base (home, office, anywhere you are).

Venue: Spaces for Change’s Discussion Room:  

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time: 4-6 p.m.

You are welcome to submit your queries ahead of the conference by sending a mail to [email protected].

Please join us as we take citizen engagement to another level!

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