PIB RESOURCE HANDBOOK: Community Participation & the Environment

PIB RESOURCE HANDBOOK: Community Participation & the Environment 3
Spaces for Change (S4C) is proud to present its latest publication, the PIB RESOURCE HANDBOOK, which contains an indepth analysis of the Petroleum Industry Bill’s (PIB’s) provisions on community participation and the environment. “The detailed analytical study forms part of S4C’s broader efforts to generate extensively publicly available data that will facilitate informed debate amongst a broad range of agents – advocates, legislators, representatives of the oil and gas industry, different tiers of government, regulators, non-governmental organizations, oil producing communities and other stakeholders – towards making the Bill’s legislative processes more robust and effective, said Victoria IbezimOhaeri, S4Cs executive director at the public presentation of the Handbook held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

Beyond analyzing and critically reviewing specific provisions of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)  that could potentially undermine community participation and environment protection, the Handbook evaluates their coherence with global best practices and standards on human rights, environmental sustainability and participatory development. Strengthening these critical provisions is of utmost importance to secure maximum support for the proposed oil sector reforms, and avoid unwanted consequences that economic growth, social cohesion and developmental progress.

The Handbook went beyond raising red flags on specific sections of the bill, but also recommended actions for further legislative review and engagement.  Furthermore, it offers a rich resource book for training community and youth leaders in oil producing communities to manage information, communicate and conduct negotiations on issues of concern to their communities.

The report can also be downloaded on our website: www.spacesforchange.org
You may chose to download the report on our E-Library:    

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