SPACES FOR CHANGE is deeply concerned about the alleged mass sack of married women formerly in the employ of Globacom Communications Limited.  On Thursday, March 15, 2018, thirteen (13) married women, all of whom were ex-staff of Globacom Communications (herein referred to as GLO), lodged a complaint against their former employer for wrongful disengagement, gender discrimination and gross violation of their social and economic rights.


SPACES FOR CHANGE condemns in very strong terms, the alleged mass sack of women on the basis of the gender and marital status. Such corporate (in)action not only violates human dignity and the principles of equality of rights, but also represents an attack on the institution of marriage and family life. Disengaging long-serving personnel without a valid reason is an arbitrary decision that is condemnable, objectionable and insensitive, especially at a time of growing economic crisis in the country. If the testimonies of the 13 women are anything to go by, GLO’s no-married-women policy constitutes a marked violation of social and economic rights, including the constitutional prohibition of non-discrimination on the basis of gender.