Young people across the country have begun to react to the extreme concentration of wealth in a few hands thanks to the latest subsidy probe disclosures regarding how N999 Million was paid for a record 128 times within 24 hours on the 12th and 13th of January 2009, totaling N127.872 Billion to undisclosed beneficiaries. This figure alone (N127.872) far exceeds the combined N76.075 Billion and 26.629 Billion Naira allocated to youth development and education (all Nigerian universities, colleges of education, and unity colleges) respectively in the 2012 national budget.
See annual budget on youth development via this link: 
The Nigerian Government must not treat this subsidy probe report with levity as has been the trend with past probes. SPACES FOR CHANGE enjoins Nigerian youth to use every legitimate avenue and spaces –  be it streets, squares and business districts, social media –  to express their angst, and protest against the resulting corruption, high rates of unemployment, reduced social services, blighted futures and above all, massive deprivations of social and economic rights. The same socio-economic problems and symptoms that shattered the very foundations of the Greek and American financial systems are now very much present in the Nigerian economic landscape, and continually frustrate important gains in the realization of social and economic rights.

Support the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)! If passed, the PIB offers enormous prospects for improving the technical, operational and regulatory efficiency in oil industry operations, and through enhanced efficiency, expected to reduce oil waste, corruption and environmental degradation.

                                    DON’T SIT ON THE FENCE!!!


                PARTICIPATE. ACT CHANGE!

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