Thank you, Fund for Global Human Rights!


SPACES FOR CHANGE is pleased to join the Fund for Global Human Rights’ vast network of grantees around the world. Since 2003, the Fund for Global Human Rights (the Fund) has had one goal: to move human rights forward by providing resources and tools to the people and organizations on the ground who have real potential to generate positive change. Consistent with this objective, the Fund has made a rare institutional support grant to SPACES FOR CHANGE, to  increase the organization’s visibility and impact, enabling it to be courageous, and responsive to the human rights needs on the ground.


What makes the Fund’s grant stand out from other grants is that they do not impose their agenda on grantees. Rather, they embrace their grantees’ agenda, while sharing considerable in-house expertise and experience, along with financial resources. For SPACES FOR CHANGE, this means access to unrestricted funds, together with the desired flexibility to experiment with new advocacy strategies, widen the scope of its human rights campaigning agendas, and reach out to more under-served communities excluded from decision-making and facing human rights violations. It also means having the latitude needed to make programming mistakes, learn from those gaps and scale up aspects that yield maximum impact. This is rare in donor-funded programs where mistakes are rarely allowed and “success stories” have become the strongest evidence of progress and impact.


With this support coming at a season of disappearing fundamental rights and freedoms, coupled with the economic hardship that is taking its toll on Nigerian citizens, straining institutional budgets and forcing corporate closures, the grant and technical assistance will keep crucial and difficult advocacy projects afloat. It will also ensure the continued execution of campaigns that otherwise might falter for lack of resources. This is heartwarming, indeed.


Reacting to the award, “this grant from the Fund will very much assist us to reach our current goals, and especially strengthen our work around the protection of human rights in Nigeria”, says elated S4C’s director, Victoria Ohaeri. “SPACES FOR CHANGE’s robust research work, policy analysis and social media campaigns draw global attention to the human rights situation in Nigeria, and the marginalized communities in particular. We can now press harder for government’s accountability, and demand increased respect for human rights in Nigeria”, she added. 



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