We Have Moved

conference room 3To accommodate our growing staff strength, serve our target audiences better, and effectively respond to the needs of our increasing number of client communities, we have just moved into a bigger office space equipped with the latest technological and programming facilities, instilling anew sense of energy into our team.  With more than double the space of our old office, our new office located at #7 Independence Street, 1st Floor, Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Lagos consists of a 20 seater-conference room, 3 spacious rooms for staff and management, a kitchenette and a digital studio overlooking a long, breezy balcony.

Since 2015, we have been determinedly transforming into a dedicated policy research, media advocacy and public interest lawyering social enterprise, with a more global outlook. Relocating to a bigger space in a quieter neighbourhood was therefore necessary to support our new way of working, embodying our values of innovation and courage, while bringing about the required transformation in work culture.

Not only that, the loyalty and strong support from our staff, management, donors, research partners and collaborating institutions around the world, including members of our online networks, have fueled continued growth, inspiring us to become fiercely competitive and more engaged in our thematic mandates.  Although we would still need additional support to put some of our conferencing facilities and digital studio in top shape, we recognize that we are far ahead of where we used to be. The digital studio will double as an entrepreneurial hub for media savvy and super-creative youths interested in becoming active players on the technology high street.

We celebrate our expansion move with this special THANK YOU message to all of you that have stood by us since we started online accountability campaigning in May 2011, and later launched into full-time physical operations in March 2012. We are grateful for your cooperation, and look forward to continued productive collaborations with all of you all year round.

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