August 20, 2012

The Principal

Ikotun High School
Alimosho Local Government
Lagos State

Dear Sir/Madam:


Established in May 2011, Spaces for Change (S4C) is a non-profit, human rights organization working to infuse human rights into social and economic decision-making processes and platforms in Nigeria. Using the human rights framework and youth-centered strategies, the organization creates spaces for the often-excluded young people, marginalized groups and communities to become active participants in public decision making, and strong advocates of social and economic justice.

We write to draw your attention to a very shocking experience involving students of your school, which a member of our network, Mr. Shoremekun Saheed Ololade witnessed on August 14, 2012. On the said day, he was passing through Ikotun Market, and stopped at one of the stalls to purchase a pen. The particular shop he stepped into was filled with about 15 students of Ikotun Senior High School. On enquiry, he learned that they were SS1 and SS2 students of the school. All of them were holding their result booklets which also indicated the name of the school.

Ostensibly, the students had just collected their results from the school. On a closer observation, he realized that the students’ mission in the bookshop was to get tipex, (cleaning fluid) which they used in doctoring, and altering their report cards. They did this openly, without any inhibition. Outraged by such brazen display of criminal conduct and indiscipline by the students, he alerted members of the S4C network.

Consistent with our mandate to transform Nigerian youths into effective future leaders, we respectfully demand that the school immediately launches an investigation into this incident, with a view to identifying and correcting the students with altered results, and to further take stringent measures to avert a recurrence. Doing so would not only serve as deterrence to other students, but would also align with the state and federal government’s efforts to enhance qualitative education and promote positive youth development.

While we await your action on this mail, we hope to be informed about the steps that have been taken to address the issues raised in this email.

Kindly note that we reserve the right to make this matter public.

Yours Sincerely,

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