PIB: Getting Everyone Involved!

Famed for its expertise in leveraging technology and using crowd-sourcing and web-based communication tools to promote public awareness and citizen engagement in policy and legislative processes of the Nigerian oil and gas sectors, Spaces for Change (S4C) took good work to scale by launching a vibrant media campaign to improve citizens’ access to information about the ongoing oil sector reforms. Through our media advocacy work, we popularized the Petroleum Industry Bill on the social media and generated extensively publicly available data on a wide range of policy issues affecting the Nigerian oil and gas industry. 
Traditional and new media tools and platforms were utilized to share information and raise public awareness about the Bill, including other economic policies and programs affecting the oil sector. S4C staff featured on several TV programs, radio talk shows and online portals where they presented e-conference outcomes and research findings on specific provisions of the Bill, highlighting areas in urgent need of legislative scrutiny.

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