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In 2017, SPACES FOR CHANGE ventured into relatively new research terrains, especially around reclaiming the civic space and defending civil society. In this regard, we rolled up our sleeves and developed new analytical tools, new databases, built new vocabulary and articulated new advocacy goals. Looking back on the milestones of our past research and advocacy work on gender empowerment, energy policy reform and urban governance, we continued to innovate, establishing a basis for improved data collection and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.


In this annual report, we highlight the results of the cutting-edge research and advocacy work we did in 2017. We happily document both the fights and the wins. We hope you also enjoy the pictures as much as we do. We are grateful to our readers, partners, donors, volunteers, dedicated staff and board members, whose support throughout the year made the outcomes reported here possible.

Thank you very much.


Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri



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