WWW: What I Learned from Tim Berners-Lee

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By Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri
Meet Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist who stunned the world when he invented the world wide web. What this man did will resonate beyond generations. He simply captured “fire”! When he invented the world wide web, he didn’t name it after himself, or even attempt to brand it, because he so much believes in web neutrality.  

The director of the World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C) definitely has lots of important lessons and experiences to share with both veteran and upcoming digital designers and users. That was exactly what he did last week at the annual SWSX Festival held in Austin, Texas, United States on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  Like many others, I was thrilled to meet him in person!
Expectedly, Berners-Lee presentation, “OPEN WEB PLATFORM: Hopes and Fears” was explosive,  packed with great insights into the technological advancements in internet evolution, while offering practical guidance to impactful web-use creativity and and digital fulfillment.
Berners Lee said:  Once you invent something big and powerful, its not about what you can do, but what others can do with your stuff. Imagine what others can build on top of your idea. That is impact! The focus should be on creating digital platforms that provide value to others. That is where the excitement comes from. 

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