YOUR HOUSING, YOUR RIGHT’ Radio Program Kicks Off on KISS FM 98.9



That was the topic SPACES FOR CHANGE’s  |  S4C’s Sola Olutayo, (Litigation Officer) and Aizighode Obinyan (Program Officer, Housing and Urban Governance) discussed on the flagship radio talkshow, The Podium, aired live on KISS FM 98.9 Lagos, on Thursday, April 25, 2019.  The radio discussion produced under the auspices of the organization’s urban justice campaign, aims to promote and respect the right of every person to live indignity and promote the right of all people to have a secure, adequate and affordable place to live.


The 30-minutes radio session enlightened millions of listeners across Lagos and Ogun States on the provisions of the Constitution, national and state laws, including regional and international legal frameworks that define and protect housing, land and property rights in Nigeria. It also juxtaposed citizens’ right to housing against government’s obligation to provide housing to its teeming population.  Listeners also learned how to assert, claim and enforce housing rights in national courts, tribunals and other mechanisms of legal accountability.


Callers phoned in during the show, asking a wide range of questions regarding how to access legal services when housing rights are deprived or violated. Another question is how citizens can be more effective in ensuring that state departments and agencies play by the rules when carrying out infrastructural development programs that occasion displacement or loss of private property? Answering these questions on air forms part of a broader strategy to offer citizens and communities greater access to information for asserting, claiming and defending their housing and land rights.  It is only when affected people are aware of their rights that they can mobilize themselves and prevent their housing rights from being violated.


Click on the link below to listen to the full discussion: (LISTEN HERE)



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